Choose & Cut Your Snowbird Christmas Tree 2018

Open daily 9am to 5pm from Saturday 24th November until Friday 21st December

With four and a half acres of 'Choose & Cut' plantation and trees from eighteen inches to eighteen feet tall, our Christmas tree farm is small and family friendly, but still big enough for you to find your perfect tree.


Come and see the widest variety of trees available in the area, all freshly cut and either growing in the plantation or displayed in our beautiful tree barn together with a great range of tree stands and carefully selected decorations.

For the best selection of choose & cut trees, it always pays to come early in the season. You can always choose and label your tree for collection freshly cut nearer to Christmas. In our large barn we serve free mince pies and mulled wine each December weekend whatever the weather and traditionally offer a small tree decoration free for all of our younger customers!


Our enthusiastic and helpful team of young staff will be on hand to help you choose the perfect tree and when safely netted carry it to your car.


Debit and Credit card payments welcome.

Christmas 2018 at Snowbird Christmas Tree Farm


Early labelling:

From Monday 5th November, we welcome early-bird customers to come and label their trees for cutting and collection from the 24th November onwards. This facility is only available in office hours 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM Monday to Friday. Find us in our log-cabin office behind the farmhouse.


Larger Trees:

We do try to keep a good selection of Norway Spruce and Nordmann Fir between 10' and 12' in the barn from the first week of December. We can also offer super-quality larger trees up to 18' tall by special order. To ensure we have the right 'specimen' tree for you, we advise that you call us from the 5th and 23rd November to let us know your requirements.


Open from Saturday 24th November for 'Choose & Cut':

Our first Saturday and Sunday of opening is all about choosing that super-fresh tree direct from the plantation and visiting our ever-popular display of decorations in our 'Christmas Barn'. We may have just a few trees cut and ready for selection in the barn, but the best selection will always be out in the plantation, so bring your boots and wrap up warm!!


Mulled Wine and Mince Pies every weekend in December:

By Saturday 1st December, our tree barn will be fully open and stocked with trees from both of our plantations and Fraser Fir up to 6'6", (which refuses to grow on our clay soils) from our friend's Lincolnshire plantation. If you are looking for a more unusual tree, we will be getting Noble Fir, larger Fraser Fir and Lodgepole Pine in time for Saturday 8th December.


The last day of the season for us is Friday 21st December and we do try to close the plantation for Choose and cut sales on Monday 17th. Most of the really nice tree will have found a home by then and we usually have a good selection on display in the barn.

We grow over ten different species, but most customers choose Nordmann Fir, Norway Spruce or Colorado Blue Spruce and we do have a small number of these three species available as smaller pot-grown plants.

Nordmann Fir


has large broad green needles, soft to the touch with a leathery texture. It has very little scent, but has gained popularity because of enhanced needle retention.


A typical seven foot tree will be twelve years old from seed collected in the Caucasus Mountains of Western Georgia or Russia.


£8.00 per foot (up to 7 foot)

Norway Spruce


is the traditional UK Christmas tree with smaller stiffer needles and a beautiful fresh ‘Christmas tree’ scent. When cut fresh from the plantation and displayed in a water-holding stand, this tree holds its’ needles every bit as well as a Nordmann Fir.


A typical seven foot tree will be nine years old from seed collected in the forests of Germany or the French Jura.


£5.00 per foot (up to 7 foot)

Colorado Blue Spruce


is a popular tree often with striking blue foliage. The needles of this highly aromatic tree tend to be quite sharp making it less well suited to homes with young children. Needle retention is good.


A typical six foot tree will be nine
years old from seed collected in Arizona or New Mexico.


£6.00 per foot (up to 7 foot)

(supplies very limited)

Usually available

Fraser Fir, (pre-cut only - it hates our alkaline clay soil!) Colorado White Fir, Serbian Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, Scots Pine and Douglas Fir.


 The prices above are a rough guide (up to 7 foot) but each tree is individually priced and varies according to quality.


Delivery is free within the parishes of Castle Bytham, Little Bytham, Careby and Creeton. More distant deliveries up to a maximum of fifteen miles are charged at one Pound a mile from the farm with a minimum charge of £5.00.

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